Mary Bywaters Kindergarten

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Mary Bywaters Memorial Kindergarten - Vision Statement


In a safe supportive environment and in partnership with families we aim to develop each individual child's learning potential.


Our Principles

At Mary Bywaters Memorial Kindergarten staff are committed to:

Philosophy Statement for Mary Bywaters Memorial Kindergarten

Preschool education has been present in Reynella since the World War II, when a small group of mothers worked to establish a preschool kindergarten in Reynella. The kindergarten was opened on August 16th, 1947 in the Reynella Methodist Sunday School Hall, moving to the Reynella Memorial Hall in December 1954. A purpose-built kindergarten opened in April, 1973 and was named to honour the memory of Miss Mary Bywaters, who contributed to the initial development of the first kindergarten. She had a deep love of small children, was concerned about their welfare and development and dedicated her life to their education. We aim to continue this legacy.

We believe that each child is a unique and special individual. We are committed to helping each child to achieve their potential by providing a safe, secure and responsive learning environment.

It is our desire that children will have fun as they engage in play, that they will be enthusiastic in their learning, and that they will develop a love of literature. We encourage children to explore, experiment, create, imagine, wonder, solve problems, take risks, make discoveries and experience success in their learning.

We acknowledge the primary role of the family in a child’s life and learning. We recognise that each family is unique and we value the insights parents can give us about their child. We seek to partner with families to meet their child’s needs and promote development and learning.

We believe that children need strong, secure relationships with their educators in order to thrive, develop confidence and resilience and experience a sense of belonging in the kindergarten setting.

As educators we nurture each child, scaffold their learning, ask questions, give opportunities for them to initiate their own learning, and engage them intentionally in teaching and learning.

Our kindergarten community is enriched by the diversity amongst our families. We believe we can learn from one another. We believe it is important to raise awareness in our children of cultural diversity and an appreciation of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and culture.

We strive to create and maintain links within our local community.

The values of trust, respect, care, equity, excellence and fun are important in all we do at Mary Bywaters Memorial Kindergarten.