Mary Bywaters Kindergarten

Department for Education

Mary Bywaters Memorial Kindergarten - Learning

The national Early Years Learning Framework is the basis for our learning programs, and assessment and reporting. The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia is “Belonging, Being and Becoming”.

Specific outcomes are:

Planning for learning is based on children's interests and individual developmental needs. Our fortnightly programs are provided for parents on our noticeboard with termly overviews sent home to each family. Parents are invited to contribute to our learning programs by providing information about their child's particular interests. All levels of parent participation are welcomed.

Assessment and Reporting

Individual reports for each child's involvement and development are provided for parents.

Every child has their own learning folder which contains their accumulated work from their experiences at kindergarten. Each folder contains photographs, reports, interviews and work samples together with important diary events which may have occurred throughout the year.

Children proudly take their learning folders home on their last day of kindergarten.